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Brewer and I walked around the aircraft built in 1989 to make sure that everything was working. He was in front and I behind him as we climbed the steep ladder up to the cockpit. Just before we took off, I turned on the oxygen knob and strapped my mask and helmet. The helmet had a radio, so Brewer could talk to me. I said a small prayer.

After a 205 mph takeoff, with afterburners, and we rose above 20,000 feet to head towards the Atlantic. The ride was smooth and beautiful. I looked down at the blanket of white puffy clouds.Breitling Avenger Replica The panoramic view from the cockpit canopy glass was a great way to enhance the surrealistic feeling.

It was now time to get down to business. First, Brewer took me to four G's. It was much more intense than I expected. It was more intense than I thought it would be. This helped me keep the majority of my blood in my brain. It helped that the G-suit was inflated around my leg as well.

Brewer took me up to six Gs after a minute of recovery. Wow. Brewer told me I was happy with six. The next step was a disorienting but simple roll that brought me even closer to nausea.

But I did perk up very quickly. My next maneuver, going faster than thunder or supersonic was my main interest. Brewer lowered the nose of the plane and we quickly climbed to 31,000 feet.Montblanc replica watches We leveled out and then accelerated to Mach 0.95. Brewer read off the numbers.97..98..99. I waited to feel the shock when we passed Mach 1. But nothing happened. The loud sonic blast that was heard by any ships below the plane happened outside.

F-15 pilot Michael "Thorny Brewer" Brewer in the cockpit with Clash

The ride was as smooth as glass. The ride was smooth as glass. As we slowed down to Mach 1 or below, an air bump was noticeable and a pressure bubble cloud formed around the aircraft. Our shock wave was approaching!